As Environment Day approaches, it’s a moment to celebrate the beauty of our environment. Let’s take a closer look at brands that prioritise sustainability and place materials at the core of their ethos, showcasing a strong commitment to this cause.


Virgio – A step towards the future

Let’s delve into this Indian startup committed to nurturing our planet. Virgio leads the charge for pro-environmental advocacy at the fort, promoting the adoption of a circular fashion model.

What is circular fashion?

The term “circular fashion” is a strategy used in the fashion industry to minimise waste and extend the life of fabrics and apparel by establishing a closed-loop system. It is believed to be the most practical way of becoming pro-planet!

Recognising the importance of conscientious efforts for the environment’s well-being- the brand crafts high-quality products from eco-friendly fabrics such as Modal, Linen, Cotton, Lyocell and Viscose or recycled fabrics and deadstock fabrics to reduce the wastage that goes into landfills. Virgio’s mission extends beyond fabric selection to customer education and complete transparency. They declare the carbon footprint on every product page to ensure consumers have 100% information and can make conscious choices. For Virgio, it’s all about the details. Their packaging is made from 100% cornstarch and 0% plastic, making it compostable in 6-8 months! Virgio aims to revolutionise fashion consumption habits by empowering the community with the right knowledge.

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