Maybelline India Debuts Super Stay Lumi-Matte Foundation with Suhana Khan in Digital Ad

Mumbai, 03 June 2024: Maybelline New York, the #1 makeup brand in the world, announced the launch of the all-new Maybelline Super Stay Lumi-Matte Foundation, in India with Bollywood celebrity Suhana Khan.

Schbang Motion Pictures in collaboration with Maybelline New York India crafted a dynamic digital video commercial ad film (DVC) showcasing the Super Stay Lumi-Matte Foundation featuring brand ambassador Suhana Khan, who is seen testing the foundation, highlighting its lightweight feel and flawless finish. This film offers viewers a detailed look at the product’s unique benefits.

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Along with assets like giveaways featuring indie brands and coverage of the Super Staycation influencer event. The video link to the film – Maybelline New York New Super Stay Lumi-Matte Foundation

In addition to the DVC, the Schbang team also developed in-house content (self-shot static posts and reels) that supplemented the launch. The Instagram reels and statics were instrumental in engaging audiences on social media, magnifying the excitement surrounding the Super Stay Lumi-Matte Foundation. The overall campaign achieved staggering results, organically garnering 3M+ impressions, reaching 3M+ people and achieving an engagement rate of 4.06%. The campaign also added over 10K new followers, achieved 3.8M + video views, underlining the massive impact and success of the campaign in generating buzz and interaction among consumers.

Ketaki Suri, Director Schbang Motion Pictures expressed, “It’s been an absolute delight working on the Maybelline DVC for the launch of the Super Stay Lumi-Matte Foundation. Suhana Khan’s vibrant energy infused the project with relatability, making it resonate with consumers. We showcased the USPs in a captivating way, capturing every detail of the Super Stay Lumi-Matte foundation, from its texture to application.”

Day in the Life of Lumi

Touted to be a revolutionary addition to everyone’s make-up regimen, the Maybelline Super Stay Lumi-Matte Foundation is tailored for young, urban millennials and existing makeup enthusiasts. This innovative foundation is set to redefine the standards of long-wear and lightweight makeup.

The Super Stay Lumi-Matte Foundation is crafted with cutting-edge ‘Light as Air’ technology, featuring airy pigments and a net-like film for comfortable, transfer-resistant wear lasting up to 30HR. This innovative formula strikes a perfect balance, providing a matte finish to control shine while delivering a luminous glow that enhances natural beauty. The campaign’s tagline, ‘Longwear Goes Light As Air,’ encapsulates the foundation’s dual promise of long-lasting wear and a feather-light feel, appealing to those seeking both durability and comfort in their makeup. Presented in a sleek, modern package, the foundation is available in a trendy lilac hue, perfectly capturing the essence of this season’s fashion trends.

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