Breaking Gender Norms, House of Abiti launched its ‘Nuovo collection’ for Women’s Day

Mumbai, 2024:-

In celebration of Women’s Day, House of Abiti, the esteemed fashion house renowned for its artistic flair, proudly exemplifies its latest launch ‘Nuovo collection,’ marking a significant stride towards breaking gender norms in the fashion industry. Rooted in a legacy of creativity and innovation, the Nuovo collection embodies a fusion of art and fashion with a cause, promising a fresh perspective on contemporary design.

Nuovo collection

Embedded within the fabric of House of Abiti’s purpose is the dedication to empowering budding artists and fashion designers from all walks of life irrespective of their gender. Through providing a dynamic platform for emerging talents to realize their aspirations, the brand aims to break down societal barriers and create opportunities for creative expression and economic empowerment.

Women’s Day holds a special significance for the House of Abiti as it celebrates the strength, resilience, and creativity of women in society. The brand’s initiative not only aims to redefine gender norms in the fashion industry but also serves as a tribute to all women who inspire us every day.

The Nuovo collection is a manifestation of womanhood’s diverse facets and celebrates inclusivity and creativity through its inspired designs. Each timeless piece symbolizes the power and beauty of womanhood in every aspect of life, seamlessly blending style with effortless comfort. From the bold hues symbolizing strength and passion to the intricate detailing representing resilience and creativity, the Nuovo collection captures the essence of womanhood in every stitch. The brand’s latest collection is inspired by the elemental forces of nature—water, air, earth, and fire. Each garment tells a story of renewal and empowerment, seamlessly integrating nature’s elements into captivating prints and contemporary silhouettes, catering to both men and women.

Divided into four distinct segments—Stellare, Fresco, Grazia, and Luminæ—the Nuovo collection offers a diverse canvas of vibrant and neutral colors, each segment embracing a unique aspect of nature’s beauty and graciously tapping into that feminine spot. The radiant reds and blues of the ‘Stellar Collection’ symbolizes passion and tranquility in a woman’s personality. Similarly, fresh beiges and purple prints and tones from the brand’s ‘Fresco’ and ‘Grazia’ Collection exude sophistication and creativity in a woman’s character. In the ‘Nuovo Collection,’ every design captures the aroma of nature’s palette along with paying homage to the women who inspire us.

“At House of Abiti, we believe in the power of fashion to inspire, empower, and create positive change,” says Moin Kazi, Founder & Head Designer Artist at House of Abiti. “With the Nuovo collection, we aim to reinvent modernity by celebrating creativity, and inclusivity. Our commitment goes beyond clothing; it’s about fostering a community where artistic dreams can thrive and local artisans are free to showcase their talents.”

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