Shreya Krishnan Crowned Miss/Mrs. Universal Empowerment 2024, Aims to Empower Indian Girls

India, 05 June 2024: Shreya Krishnan, Managing Director,, was recently crowned as the winner of Miss / Mrs. Universal Empowerment 2024. The event aims to identify women who are confident, empathetic, empowered and have goodwill to generate changes in their social environment and give her tools that, together with her charity, have an impact on different topics of social problems.

Shreya Krishnan, Managing Director,, won Miss Mrs. Universal Empowerment 2024 (1)

Shreya represented India and won among the top 20 countries that were present at the contest, where she showcased her partnership with Hopeworks Foundation for her passion project – MADE(Mother And Daughter Empowerment) with Project Hope. Shreya has weekly engagements with girl children and helps empower working mothers to improve their earning potential and establish small-scale enterprises. As an integral part of the project along with the founder Jacintha Jayachandran, Shreya is helping to ensure the organisation has the access and reach to strengthen the ecosystem.

Elated with the win, Shreya Krishnan, MD, said, “I always feel privileged to have grown up in a space that protected, motivated and supported me to be the strong woman leader that I am today. I feel that engaging with causes I truly believe in, helps me give back to society in my own way and in a way I know best. The title I won holds a special place in my heart as it not only honours my work empowering society but also helps and motivates me to continue to do this work that will impact millions of lives.”

“Shreya and I are co-conspirators on everything we do towards the betterment of young girls and women. She is my kindred spirit and understands and works with the foundation in multiple capacities in advocacy, training and brand ambassadorship. She represents the finest human spirit in supporting our girls and mothers on our overarching masthead called MADE (Mother And Daughter Empowerment)with Project Hope. Mother And Daughter Empowerment (MADE) is not a brainchild, it’s a calling of the heart and Shreya is the heartbeat.” said Jacintha Jayachandran, Founder, Hopeworks Foundation.

On partnering with Hopeworks Foundation, Shreya said, “In 2024, my aim with HopeWorks Foundation is, to take their work deeper into areas and regions where young women and mothers of young girls are equipped with the power and potential to be able to gain opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have. The foundation focuses on shortening the lifespan of accessing advanced careers quickly, rather than waiting for a long time to get there. Additionally, it aims to help mothers achieve financial independence through entrepreneurship programs. This initiative strives to create better outcomes and opportunities for underprivileged communities, fostering greater inclusion and success for future generations.”

Shreya is a champion of Inclusion and Diversity and along with, Shreya continues to empower women and nonbinary in the technological sector to continue challenging the norms and build a safe and inclusive workspace for all.

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