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7th June 2024-
Kendall Jenner has effortlessly cemented her status as a street style icon, mastering the art of model-off-duty dressing with a roster of minimalist must-haves. From plain white T-shirts and lived-in denim to menswear-style loafers and notable knitwear, Jenner’s perfect choices embody a blend of simplicity and sophistication. Whether she’s dashing between runways or enjoying her local Los Angeles haunts, Jenner’s street-style formula revolves around effortlessly cool wardrobe essentials that always shine.

The Foundation: Denim and Tailored Trousers

At the heart of Kendall Jenner’s minimalist street style is a great pair of denim or tailored trousers. Her affinity for basic blue jeans is well-documented, providing a versatile base for many of her ensembles. When opting for tailored trousers, Jenner often infuses a pop of colour with a bold red crewneck sweater, adding a vibrant yet refined touch to her look.

Oversized Blazers

One of the standout elements in Jenner’s style rotation is the oversized blazer. Frequently completing her outfits with this versatile piece, she effortlessly achieves a chic, pantless look that exudes confidence and sophistication. The oversized blazer is a staple in her wardrobe, providing a structured silhouette that complements her minimalist aesthetic.

Sophisticated Ready-to-Wear and Classic Accessories

In addition to her well-curated collection of ready-to-wear pieces, Kendall Jenner’s choice of accessories further elevates her minimalist style. She gravitates towards classic items with a modern twist, selecting pieces that enhance her outfits without overwhelming them. Menswear-style loafers and sleek handbags often feature in her ensembles, adding a touch of elegance to her off-duty looks.

Mastering Minimalist Color

Kendall Jenner’s approach to incorporating colour into her wardrobe is both subtle and impactful. She demonstrates how to wear colour the minimalist way, choosing hues that complement her overall aesthetic without overshadowing the simplicity of her outfits. Her preference for neutral tones, punctuated by occasional bursts of red or other vibrant colours, showcases her ability to balance minimalism with a dash of daring.

Defining a New Era of Street Style Fashion

Kendall Jenner has redefined street-style fashion with her impeccable sense of style and commitment to minimalism. Her ability to transform basic wardrobe essentials into effortlessly chic ensembles has made her a fashion inspiration for many. By prioritizing quality over quantity and favouring timeless pieces, Jenner exemplifies how simplicity can be synonymous with sophistication.


Kendall Jenner’s street style is a masterclass in minimalist fashion. Her carefully curated wardrobe, featuring staple pieces like denim, tailored trousers, and oversized blazers, forms the foundation of her effortlessly cool aesthetic.

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