Zoya’s Design Celebration with Gauri Khan at The Chambers – Taj Mahal, New Delhi

Zoya's Design

New Delhi, 7th May 2024: Zoya, from the House of Tata and The Chambers at Taj Mahal, New Delhi presented an evening celebrating the atelier’s storied legacy while raising a toast to its eternal muse, the Zoya Woman. The vibrant gala was hosted by Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Business Head of Zoya, with a showcase of its most iconic collections in a special Rendezvous at The Chambers. Celebrated designer Gauri Khan, a long-standing friend of the House, joined Zoya in embracing the spirit of the celebration.

“Zoya stands unwaveringly proud of its Indian roots and cultural legacy,” stated Amanpreet Ahluwalia. “Each Zoya creation seamlessly intertwines the richness of traditional Indian craftsmanship with a contemporary perspective and serves as a resplendent reminder to women everywhere that their true beauty lies in embracing their uniqueness.” For this special evening, Zoya selected four exquisite collections of wearable art rich with meaning. Each rare creation, embodied the essence of the Zoya woman, embracing her true self with grace and confidence.

Zoya’s Rooted drew metaphoric inspiration from the resilience of rainforests, honoring the inner strength of the Zoya woman, with vibrant spirit. Inspired by the rich heritage of the eternal city, Zoya’s Banaras captured her fascination for the city’s cultural splendor. Incorporating rare materials and ancient techniques, such as engraving and intricate enameling, Banaras paid homage to the city’s iconic rituals and landmarks, encapsulating their mystical allure in every piece. With a poetic narrative and exceptional gemstones, Zoya’s Beyond – A Boundless Journey, inspired by the majestic Indus river symbolized the feminine spirit as a force of nature, capturing the myriad stages of a woman’s existence.

Zoya’s high jewelry collection, Her Becoming created a revolutionary look in white diamonds inspired by ancient Ikat patterns. Featuring unusual stone cuts like Cadillacs, trapezoids, and custom-cut baguettes the collection celebrated the Zoya woman’s journey to self-realization, reimagining traditional silhouettes with contemporary flair while embodying the essence of modern femininity.

“I am delighted to join Zoya in celebrating its iconic collections that narrate stories from India to the world. The atelier continues to redefine luxury jewelry for the modern era with its collections,” said Gauri Khan. “Whether it’s a statement necklace or a delicate bracelet, every piece speaks volumes about the woman who wears it – confident, fearless, and unapologetically herself.”

Remarking on the successfully concluded Rendezvous at The Chambers, Satyajeet Krishnan, Area Director – Operations, and General Manager – Taj Mahal, New Delhi, said. “We extend our heartiest compliments for Zoya’s design homage to heritage and tribute towards empowering women. It has been an honor to be a part of this momentous occasion that highlighted the signature finesse of our iconic hotel and the warmth of Tajness. Located in the heart of the Capital, Taj Mahal, New Delhi, now in its re-imagined avatar, celebrates 45 glorious years of hospitality, and is a landmark destination for world-class service and bespoke experiences.”

The evening at the Taj Mahal, New Delhi epitomized luxury and refinement, offering an immersion into the beauty and artistry of Zoya’s collections. A delectable gastronomic spread presented by Chef Arun Sundararaj, Director of Culinary Operations – Taj Mahal, New Delhi complemented the uniquely themed ambiance, further enhancing the sense of occasion.

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