The Fourth Edition of FEF India Fashion Awards, in collaboration with WION, elevate sustainable fashion and iconic achievements

The fourth edition of the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund’s India Fashion Awards, held in collaboration with WION, on 7th and 8th March 2024, served as a platform for inspiration, urging fashion entrepreneurs to embrace sustainable practices and drive positive change within the industry.

Photograph- WION and FEF India Fashion Awards elevate sustainable fashion and iconic achievements

As per the X (formerly Twitter) posts of WION, among the distinguished award winners was the renowned designer Manish Malhotra, who was celebrated as ‘Pepsi Designer of the Year’, acknowledging his continued influence and creativity. Dia Mirza’s tireless dedication to environmental causes earned her the ‘Environmental Changemaker of the Year’ accolade, while Sara Ali Khan was recognized as ‘Pepsi Fashion Trendsetter of the Year’, reflecting her impact on fashion trends.

Sidharth Malhotra’s recognition as ‘Fashion Ambassador of the Year’ highlighted his global impact on Indian fashion, emphasizing the industry’s reach and influence. By spotlighting these trailblazers and their commitment to innovation and sustainability, the FEF India Fashion Awards continue to pave the way for a more inclusive and eco-conscious future, inspiring others to follow suit and champion meaningful change.

As fashion continues to evolve, embracing eco-friendly practices and innovative approaches becomes increasingly vital. The awards ceremony celebrated not only individual achievements but also the collective effort towards a more sustainable and inclusive future, setting a powerful precedent for the industry to follow.

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