21 May 2024: Brace yourselves for a lip-smacking experience! Nykaa Cosmetics, the on-trend makeup destination that brings together function with play through its products, is thrilled to announce the launch of its mouth-watering Lip Glaze. Forget about boring lip tints – Nykaa’s Lip Glaze is here to add a touch of sweetness to your pout.

Nykaa Cosmetics Lip Glaze 2

With each application, your lips appear plump but that’s not all! Beneath its irresistible exterior lies the goodness of Vitamin C and antioxidants, working tirelessly to keep your lips hydrated and looking oh-so-plump.

Glazed with skin-caring ingredients, this irresistible jelly-like formula glides onto your lips, leaving behind a delectable gloss & delightful scent. With just one swipe of the plump applicator, you can achieve the perfect glazed finish.

Forget about boring lip balms and glosses – Nykaa’s Lip Glaze is here to add a touch of sweetness to your pout. With shades inspired by everyone’s favorite desserts, you’ll be tempted to take a bite (but please don’t, they’re for your lips only!). From the creamy goodness of Caramel Pudding to the bold pop of Cherry Custard, there’s a flavour for every mood and occasion.

Available in five delectable shades, each Lip Glaze comes in a generous 7ml fill level, ensuring you have plenty to satisfy your cravings. And  it’s the guilt-free indulgence you’ve been waiting for. Get ready to glaze your lips with the 5 yummy shades –

Caramel Pudding- A divine nude that’s as comforting as your favourite dessert

Cherry Custard- A juicy red that’s as irresistible as a freshly picked cherry

Raspberry Ganache – A deep pink hue that’s as rich and indulgent as a slice of raspberry cake

Pink Meringue – A sweet pink nude that’s as light and fluffy as a meringue kiss

Jelly Jam – A translucent pink that’s as playful and fun as your favourite childhood treat

Commenting on the launch, a Nykaa Spokesperson, said, “At Nykaa Cosmetics, we are focused on creating products that not only reflect the latest trends but also set them. Our new Lip Glaze is a testament to our commitment to innovation and trendsetting. Unlike anything else in the market, this product combines the best of both worlds – vibrant, on-trend shades and nourishing, hydrating formula. It’s a game-changer for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve while taking care of their lips.”

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