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(NEW YORK – March 19, 2024) – Renowned for capturing the essence of sun-soaked leisure in its womenswear lines, PARADISED proudly unveils its inaugural menswear collection for Spring 2024. This groundbreaking assortment of resortwear for men epitomizes versatility, effortlessly melding the laid-back aura of beach life with the vibrant energy of the urban environment.

Introducing effortlessly cool weekend wardrobe staples, the Spring 2024 menswear collection embodies PARADISED’s ethos of blending beach and city, sun, and strength. Crafted from breezy fabrics, lightly structured pieces with utility details seamlessly transition from the sand to the city streets. From the Beach Blouson in sunbleached twill to the Wylie Shirt in Turkish peshtemal and Otto Pants in various textures, each garment exudes comfort and style without compromising functionality. This collection offers a deliberate fusion of sun-kissed vibes with the practicality of workwear, featuring pieces like the Shepard Shirt in handloom stripe print and versatile tees with spirited slogans, perfect for effortless transitions from tranquil beach days to bustling city nights.

Captured by the renowned Paul Maffi, the campaign vividly brings to life the unique blend of city chic and beachside ease that defines the PARADISED ethos. Inspired by the serene tones of sunset, the collection’s palette features soft apricots, deep bricks, and lively yellows, balanced with earthy moss, plum, and navy tones.

PARADISED’s menswear line redefines resortwear for the modern man, prioritizing both comfort and style. The exclusive striped print mirrors handloom textiles, while signature Turkish peshtemals in shirts and shorts evoke sun-kissed nonchalance with timeless appeal. Lightweight fabrics such as faded double gauze and sunbleached twill underscore a sun-everyday vibe, complemented by graphics exude a high-brow yet familiar attitude. The sustainable Good Vibes Tee, dyed with botanical extracts and crafted from ring-spun cotton and recycled polyester, exemplifies the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility. All products are locally made in Brooklyn, NY.

Wylie Shirt in Brick, $275.00 | Otto Pants in Sunbleached Apricot, $300.00 | Beach Blouson in Sunbleached Apricot, $500.00

Wylie Shirt in Sunset Stripe, $275.00 | Otto Pants in Faded Plum Double Gauze, $300.00 | Wylie Shirt in Yellow, $275.00

Don’t Blame Sun Crew in Brick, $170.00 |Good Vibes Tee in Tumeric, $95.00 | Now Is Now Hoodie in Mauve, $180.00

Sinje Lesemann, Creative Director of PARADISED, expressed, “We love the nonchalance of resortwear but we see the need for more versatile pieces that work just as well in our daily life. For us, the new way of dressing is combining transitional closet heroes that go well together no matter where you are. It’s what we want to bring to PARADISED; resortwear-everyday pieces for modern, on-the-go men who live a cultured life and want easy pieces with a forward feel”

The Spring 2024 menswear collection will be available for purchase starting today, March 18th online at, with prices ranging from $90 to $500. Explore the full collection and embrace the PARADISED lifestyle.

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