Masaba Gupta in conversation with WION: Urges Consumer Education for Sustainable Fashion Revolution

Renowned fashion designer and actress, Masaba Gupta, champions sustainable fashion with her profound insights. In her dialogue with Disha Shah at the fourth edition of FEF India Fashion Awards X WION: Fashion For Good event, highlighted by WION on LinkedIn, Ms. Masaba Gupta underscores the importance of conscious choices and consumer education in driving the sustainable fashion movement forward.

wion - Masaba

She also emphasized the significance of preserving Indian textiles and handlooms. For her, it’s not just about creating garments; it’s about honouring the craftsmanship behind each piece and educating consumers about their value. She further highlighted the need to raise awareness about the intricate processes of crafting Indian textiles and handlooms, fostering a deeper appreciation for these heritage practices.

Together, let’s make sustainable fashion the new norm!

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