Jaypore’s New SS’24 Collection Redefines Spring/Summer Fashion with Timeless Artistry

Jaypore’s New SS’24 Collection Redefines Spring/Summer Fashion with Timeless ArtistryHyderabad March 15th, 2024: Jaypore, the artisanal lifestyle brand from the house of Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd., launches its Spring Summer ‘24 collection – amalgamating ease and elegance. With classic hues and breezy silhouettes crafted from airy cotton fabrics, each piece is perfect for a graceful summer ensemble. From flowing floral dresses to sartorial kurtis and tunics and relaxed trousers, every piece exudes effortless style and breathability– ideal for the sunny days and balmy nights ahead.

One of India’s leading destination brands for all artisanal finds, Jaypore’s range extends across apparel, jewellery, home accents, and accessories. India’s heritage of handmade crafts and traditional finds is honoured with the brand’s commitment to designing, sourcing, and retailing authentic Indian products suited for a contemporary lifestyle.

Sooraj Bhat, CEO, Ethnic Business, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. said, “The SS’24 collection highlights Jaypore’s steadfast commitment to harmonizing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. It reflects our firm dedication to providing customers with timeless apparel, jewellery and home accents that pays homage to our rich historical legacy while embracing modernity. The new SS’24 collection embodies a timeless elegance while prioritizing the comfort and crafts this season needs. The light fabrics, chic silhouettes, and crafts such as block prints, Ajrakh, Hand-embroidery, Chikankari, Ikat textiles, Tribal silver, Temple, and Filigree jewellery, and many more make a perfect addition to any summer wardrobe and home.”

Jaypore’s SS’24 collection curates authentic Indian crafts like block prints, ajrakh, hand embroidery, Chikankari, ikat, and more. Drawing inspiration from the sleek geometry emblematic of Bauhaus aesthetics, is the ‘Lagom’ range which seamlessly blends modernistic influences with traditional craft. This unique collection harmonizes angular and abstract design cues with the heritage of Ajrakh, adorning contemporary cotton separates with a fusion of artistry and modern sophistication.

Envisioning a canvas where line-drawn floral motifs waltz in harmony with the rich heritage of block printing is the Kaashni collection, resembling a vibrant tapestry of spring blooms adorned in mesmerizing reds and blues. Each cotton separate has a touch of carved wooden blocks, bearing witness to the age-old craft.

Jaypore’s SS’24 Gauri range is an epithet to Goddess Parvati who signifies purity and sheer brilliance. This white-on-white collection celebrates classic ethnic silhouettes with the regal heritage craft of khadi block prints. The blossoming floral fluencies, traditional motifs, and tessellations are in a celebration on the splendid canvas of cotton.

Casting a dreamy summer spell, the floral motif language of Camilla collection is reminiscent of a verdant oasis, brimming with vitality. Each contemporary piece is variegated with lush botanical prints that breathe life into your summer silhouette, set against the backdrop of breezy linen blend textures.

Naisha plays with a medley of sorbet-dipped hues, hand-embroidered nuances and block-printed spells for spring and summer. Crafted from cotton silk, these separates bloom with efflorescent motifs resembling a vibrant flowerbed, exuding a fresh and breezy vibe, delicately accentuated with skillful embroidery.

For men, Jaypore’s SS’24 range offers Chippa and Aadir collections. Chippa is a modern translation of the craft with sublime silhouettes in cotton for men to define elegance. Carrying the earthy essence of hand-pressed block prints, dabu is an 8th century A.D. mud-resist technique from Akola in Rajasthan, that has been brought back from time.

Aadir is a menswear range showcasing a tapestry adorned with the celestial dance of striped block prints. Each piece is a vivid canvas painted with lines reminiscent of sun-kissed horizons, mirroring the serene patterns of wind-swept sand dunes. Feel the harmonious symphony of earthy tones and lines that narrate stories of summer’s blissful essence.

Every style from Jaypore tells a story that will make your summer more memorable than ever. It’s true, no ensemble is truly tied together without the right accessories, hence, the brand has launched artisanal accessories as part of the SS24 collection. Ornate tribal silver earrings and rings, Jodhpuri filigree necklaces, Ghungroo-adorned jhumkas, gilded temple jewelry, from Jaypore’s SS’24 collection make for the perfect addition to every look.

Jaypore’s SS’24 collection invites crafts and fashion enthusiasts to explore and embrace the rich heritage of Indian artistry. The new SS’24 collection is now available at Jaypore stores across the country and on the brand’s website.

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