Holoware New Series of Laptops launched in Chennai

06 May 2024, Chennai, India: Holoware is an emerging computer manufacturing company headquartered in Chennai. Started in 2020, the company currently manufactures and supplies products like desktop computers, tablets, mini pc’s and workstations. As part of its expansion efforts, the company has now announced that they are entering into the laptop segment. Mr. Raghavendra Ganesh, Founder and CEO of Holoware, introduced 4 new types of laptops and 1 tablet to the audience at an announcement event held in Chennai today. Holoware has become the 1st Indian OEMto launch laptops which are manufactured by Indian ODM. A first Make in India laptop and a great milestone achieved.

He introduced 4 new laptops namely Gizmos Edu laptop for students, Executive Laptop for working professionals, Gizmos Fiery Laptop for gaming enthusiasts Gizmos Rugged Laptop and Rugged Tablet for industrial grade works. These new series of laptops and tablet have been manufactured under the guidelines of Holoware’s own research and development department. It is significant that Holoware operates its own dedicated research and development facility focused on the computer hardware sector.

Holoware Started with the vision of innovating Holographic Computer i.e. computer without monitor and use air as monitor with projection to touch, feel and control objects like usually do in regular touch computers. Holoware is now planning to open 20 exclusive experience centers across India by the end of this financial year. The company reported that they are showing growth of 200% YoY since its inception.

Holoware R&D at Chennai

About the development of Holoware, Mr. Raghavendra Ganesh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company said “As part of our business expansion strategy, we are very excited to step into India’s laptop market today. Holoware operates under the Atmanirbar Bharat with the mission of ‘Made for the World’. The company is committed to being one of the leading “Made in India ” companies in the computer hardware manufacturing sector. And Holoware operates its own research and development facility to focus on the computer hardware space.“

He added, “Today I am delighted to introduce our 4 unique new ranges of laptops and 1 tablet – Gizmos Edu, Gizmos Executive Gizmos Fiery and Gizmos Rugged to you. Gizmos Edu, dedicated to empowering students, our Education Laptops are built with durability and accessibility in mind. They feature robust educational tools and software to support interactive learning environments. Gizmos Executive, engineered for the modern professional, our Executive Laptops offer superior performance, enhanced security features, and sleek design, ensuring seamless productivity and style. Gizmos Fiery, for gaming enthusiasts and Gizmos Rugged with an industrial grade standard and Rugged tablet. Our laptops and tablet provide cutting-edge graphics, high-speed processing, and cooling solutions that deliver an unparalleled gaming experience”.

News Source: Chennai Public Relations

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