XS to 6XL – Jisora offers an extensive size range for the summer!

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– no more sweating over the ideal summer fit –

India, 2024

Jisora, an esteemed clothing brand devoted to curating sustainable wardrobes for women, presents their versatile line of western Co-ord sets, thoughtfully tailored for the summer season. This extensive collection caters to a diverse range of sizes, spanning from XS to 6XL, embodying inclusivity and embracing women of all body types.

Jisora’s offers an extensive size range for the summer!

With an impressive selection of over 300 co-ord sets, Jisora offers a spectrum of material options, including pure cotton, khadi cotton, Egyptian cotton, Russian silk, muslin silk, and cotton dobby fabrics. Each ensemble is adorned with prints that follow a floral theme and intricate traditional motifs inspired by the rich tapestry of Indian culture.

Mehul Sethi, the co-founder of Jisora, emphasises the brand’s commitment to addressing the dual needs of comfort and confidence that women seek in their attire. He states, “In the scorching heat of summer, finding garments that fuse style with comfort, especially in extended sizes, can be a daunting task. Our collection of over 300 Co-ord sets, ranging from XS to 6XL, aims to bridge this gap by offering something exquisite for every contemporary woman.”

Jisora’s offers an extensive size range for the summer!

Jisora extends a warm invitation to women of all shapes and sizes, urging them to curate their summer wardrobes with comfort and style. This versatile collection not only fosters relaxation but also exudes elegance, seamlessly blending into both leisurely moments and bustling work environments. The designs are meticulously crafted to prioritise comfort, ensuring women remain at ease throughout extended workdays or commutes. As temperatures soar, Jisora presents a solution to help women stay cool and confident, empowering them to pursue their ambitions with flair.

By seamlessly blending sustainability, style, and inclusivity, Jisora sets a new standard in the fashion industry. Through their diverse range of Co-ord sets, the brand not only champions individuality but also celebrates the inherent beauty of every woman, reaffirming the notion that confidence knows no bounds.

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