Inspired by iconic works of art, BlueStone launches the StrokesofGenius Campaign

Inspired by iconic works of art, BlueStone launches the #StrokesofGenius Campaign

India, 28th June 2024: BlueStone announces the launch of its new campaign, #StrokesofGenius, for its Art-inspired jewellery and accessories. Embracing the idea that jewellery is wearable art, BlueStone draws inspiration from iconic masterpieces. The result is a collection that displays creativity, elegance and taste, bringing timeless artistry to every jewellery piece.

In a series of posts, BlueStone encapsulates the narrative that behind every stroke of genius lies a muse—the modern, stylish individual who embodies sophistication, sparks creativity and ignites passion. We aspire for the BlueStone muse to see this collection as a means to enhance their beauty and as an ode to their romantic, artistic spirit.

Speaking of the launch, Mr. Vipin Sharma, Chief Merchandising Officer, expressed, “At the core of this collection lies inspiration drawn from iconic masterpieces and the brilliance of master artists. We have utilized gemstones, enamels and vibrant colours to craft jewellery that captures the essence of these artworks in what we consider elegant and expressive designs. For instance, our jewellery inspired by Dali’s surrealism features bold drips highlighted with Amethyst, evoking his distinctive style. Similarly, our interpretation of Mondrian’s iconic modern art incorporates enamels and gemstones like topaz and sapphire, breathing life into his ‘Composition’ through jewellery pieces. The collection presents a diverse palette of interpretations, from the vibrant hues of Color Field to the refined elegance of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. We believe that these pieces will resonate with our customers, offering each item as a cherished addition to their collections.”

The Art Collection binds the artist and the muse with a singular thread—the artistic nature of inspiration and its magnificent manifestation. Each piece draws from iconic movements such as Pop Art, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Piet Mondrian’s Modern Art, Color Field and Salvador Dalí’s Surrealism. The collection captures the dynamic diversity of these styles with dreamy forms, intricate patterns and dynamic colour treatments, making it a blend of art and elegance. It offers collectable pieces that are occasionally encountered, making each item a treasured addition to any jewellery collection.

Pop Art: Experience the essence of Pop Art in our jewellery collection featuring comic book elements, colour blocking and contrasts, designed for modern fashion lovers.

Colour Field: The Color Field-inspired designs transform abstract painting into wearable art. These experimental pieces fuse mythic art with diverse forms, colourful stones, and enamels.

Modern Art: Embrace geometric abstraction and primary colours with the Piet Mondrian’s modern art-inspired jewellery. These designs draw from Mondrian’s iconic use of lines, squares and primary hues, creating dynamic compositions.

Starry Night: Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” inspires this collection.The pieces capture the celestial swirls and hues of the masterpiece, offering a touch of celestial allure.

Surrealism: Inspired by Salvador Dalí’s masterpiece “The Persistence of Memory,” this sub-collection features designs rich with symbolism and dream-like atmospheres.

Each piece in the Art Collection showcases daring exploration and skilled craftsmanship, from vivid bursts of colour to intricate designs that aim to mesmerize.

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