IMS Design and Innovation Academy (IMS DIA) recently organized an exhibition focusing on sustainable fashion and innovation. The event, organized to promote eco-friendly practices in the fashion industry, featured students’ creations under the mentorship of international faculty, Prof Maya. The auspicious occasion was graced by Rajeev Pandey, Vice Chairman of Textile Association of India, Interior Designer- Kanika and Netra.

From intricately crafted woollen garments to upcycled denim pieces, each creation spoke volumes about the students’ dedication to promoting environmentally friendly fashion. Prof Maya’s masterclass creations added an international flair to the exhibition, seamlessly weaving together global design perspectives with local influences, all while emphasizing sustainability.

During the event, Rajeev Pandey, Vice Chairman of Textile Association of India, showcased types of organic clothes not yet launched in India, emphasizing the importance of sustainable and innovative design. He stated “IMS DIA’s distinctive approach is truly remarkable. The unwavering commitment to nurturing creativity and innovation is palpable in the exceptional work showcased by the students. As design becomes increasingly pivotal for the future, institutions like IMS DIA play an indispensable role in shaping it.”

A highlight of the event was a discussion cum talk show titled “Rise of Sustainable Fashion: A Natural Revolution.” Expert panelists shed light on the importance of sustainable fashion in today’s world and the role designers play in driving positive change. The discussion explored various aspects, including ethical sourcing, zero-waste production, and the need for consumer awareness.

Speaking on this, Campus Director of IMS DIA, Dr. Anuradha M Debnath, said, “The culmination of student achievements and Prof Maya masterclass creations exemplifies IMS DIA’s commitment to providing a platform where creativity knows no bounds. We are not just shaping designers; we are nurturing visionaries who will redefine the landscape of design globally.

The exhibition not only celebrated the creativity of students but also served as a catalyst for discussions on sustainable fashion. Attendees expressed a newfound appreciation for eco-friendly materials and techniques, vowing to integrate sustainability into their future endeavors.

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